The maximum tilt of a V-hull boat with a full load is 19.5 degrees. A fully loaded catamaran has a maximum tilt of only 10 degrees.

A catamaran turns without drifting, which makes manoeuvring in harbours easy, steady and safe.


When turning, the ALUCAT stays firmly horizontal. The horizon is not lost and no blind spots are formed. Visibility remains good in every direction at all times.

The ALUCAT does not "plow" the water but instead takes advantage of water's natural buoyancy. There is no planing threshold.

The ALUCAT moves smoothly through waves, improving comfort, safety and boat control.

In emergency stops the ALUCAT's stern does not go down, which prevents the formation of a dangerous stern wave.

The ALUCAT is boarded safely using a wide bow ramp.

The ALUCAT comes ashore safely and steadily and it does not wobble like a V-hull boat would.